Laurel House
Opening our home in 2017 for our neighbors

Laurel House is a comfort care home where residents spend their final days, at no cost to themselves or others, in a highly supportive, warm and compassionate environment, surrounded by loved ones and kind-hearted staff and volunteers who attend to their needs.
Our vision and values Laurel House will be the comfort care home that is the first choice for families in southern and eastern Wayne County who need help in caring for a dying loved one. We will develop and maintain a reputation as · A welcoming, supportive environment for everyone who comes through our door · A place where volunteers are valued and succeed in providing an unequaled community service to their friends and neighbors · A community resource that complements its neighborhood and contributes to a higher quality of life in the county · An opportunity for residents and caregivers alike to share in completing a life well-lived · A place of final departure that eases a loved one to the ultimate end, supporting caring family and friends along the way.

The service we offer...

to our neighbors in the wider community is a calling, a privilege and an obligation we graciously accept. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the people we serve.


isn’t a byword for us, it is the mechanism that allows us to achieve our goals in serving our neighbors’ needs. Our approach is resident-focused, always.

We have one chance...

to make our residents comfortable and meet their final needs, which makes us all the more attentive and careful in the breadth and quality of our care.

Respect for each resident...

and their families is the basis for everything we do. We exist to make the last days of our residents as comfortable and fulfilling as possible and we have the energy, expertise and will to do just that.

A comfort home where kindness lives...

Small comfort care homes are a unique upstate New York Phenomenon. We are not a Hospice although we offer Hospice-like services for the dying and their families.

The Organization - History

Laurel House is a not-for-profit volunteer community organization in Newark, NY, formed with its first meeting on Nov. 7, 2014 and incorporated in May, 2015. It has a nine-member board of directors.


Our Volunteer of the week!

Our Laurel House membership is filled with great people who have huge hearts, from all walks of life, and from all over Wayne County. Wach week we plan to highlight one of our volunteers so you can get to know more about us...and the people who make up Laurel House. 

How You Can Help?

We provide end-of-life care in a homelike setting - our Laurel House - where the needs of the dying are met...